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Hot PBST: PBIC2017 Qualifier Final Teams


Attention participants of PBST!


Please check below for the list of clans which sent complete submissions and their participation in the finals has been confirmed.
We also announced the date and official rules and regulations for PBNC Online Final Tournaments:


※ PBNC 2017: PBIC Qualifier will be conducted as online tournaments ONLY.
※ PBST: PBIC Qualifier Rewards for top 3 clans were provided today. Please check your inventories!


[Confirmed clans]

[Tournaments Date]
Date: August 26 (Sat)
Time: 7:00pm PDT

[Rules PBNC 2017: PBIC Qualifier]


NOTICE: Since there was a number of clans who sent incomplete submissions or did not register at all, we will provide additional time for you to apply.
Deadline: July 30th (Sun)

Who can apply?
- Any of the teams which participated in PBST (even if they were not in the top list announced on July 21st)
- Teams which did not register or sent incomplete submissions (no ID, no ID of all members etc.)
※ We will fill potential empty slots based on your overall PBST ranking


How to apply?
Clan Master sends an e-mail to esports@zepetto.biz including: 
- Nicknames of 5 members of their team (plus optionally 3 substitute players)
- Passport or and other ID form scans of all the members (you can cover any sensitive information such as serial number etc., only thing we need to be able to confirm is your age and citizenship)
- If your passports are not available at the moment ID card or other form identification can be used temporarily to register for PBNC (as mentioned above), however be informed that only citizens of USA or Canada are entitled to participate in the tournament and the only document which confirms your citizenship and allows you to participate in PBIC is valid passport of USA, Canada.
- Participants must be over 18 years old (as of October 30th 2017)
- All members need at least First Lieutenant 1st Grade in-game rank to participate in the tournament
- Only members who did not change their clan after July 9th can participate
※ Your submission will not be considered if it does not meet all the requirements listed above.

There will be no additional registration deadline, so make sure that your application is complete.

Best regards, 

Piercing Blow

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